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Would you rather be at the beach than work?

Do you like to spread out on a comfy beach blanket, with the distinct salty fragrance of the ocean drifting through the air, and the sensation of sand between your toes, as you soak up the summer sun?

Are you looking for something different, because our exclusive range of inspired, plush, designer beach blankets may be the jewel you're looking for!

A must-have for those long, hot summer days, perfect for the beach, pool and gym, a romantic picnic, and the perfect festival accessory!

Immerse yourself in the Living Art Lifestyle!

Bring the adventure home and decorate your everyday with real-life fairy-tale scenes, capturing the essence of Mother Nature’s esoteric magic and wonder…

Indulge in untouched, pristine, cascading waterfalls, ancient mystical rainforests, expansive, desolate outback landscapes, tropical surreal dreamscapes, fluffy, furry, and feathered, curious creatures great and small; striking kaleidoscopes of colour, sound and smell, sophisticated taste and texture that you can hold in your hands, shot exclusively for LAL, in secret, far-off and hard to get to destinations that time forgot.

Are you looking for the ideal gift for someone that has everything?

Something different, an unexpected surprise that sparks joy and excitement in the recipient at the moment of the great unveiling.

We all know it’s the thought that counts, so call off the search party! You’ve finally found that something special for that special someone.

We all like to spoil ourselves, so get one for yourself while you’re at it, because you deserve it!

Crafted from seductively soft polyester.

Size: 61"x61"

Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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We’ve sought out the highest quality products and manufacturers to display our exclusive designs, accumulated over tireless years trekking this sunburnt country.

We invite you to bring the adventure home with you and decorate your everyday with real-life fairy-tale scenes, capturing the essence of Mother Nature’s esoteric magic and wonder…


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One Town at a Time

Join us on an epic adventure down the rabbit hole and along the yellow brick road, as we make memories together, introducing you to realm of colourful characters and sharing a swag full of stories steeped in history that transport you through time and space.

One Town at a Time

For the past 8 years Kieran Wicks has navigated the Great Southern Land of Australia performing hundreds of shows to ravenous audiences, whilst simultaneously developing a vast catalogue of songs which are the subsequent soundtrack to the swag of stories he shares here on Living Art Lifestyle.