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Sure to touch the heart, make your friends smile buying this radiant Fire Bird Faith Pendant .


Are you a spiritual person?


Do you have your own special connection with the creator?


Would you like to express and celebrate your faith in your own



Then our humble yet elegant Faith Pendants may be meant for you!


Keep your faith close to your heart, these tasteful minimalist tableaus are undeniably divine!


Immaculately embodying his creations in all of their glory, our

angelic motifs empower the devout to express their love and faith in their own

unique way, as god intended!


Radiant and virtuous, heavenly, celestial scenes adorn these

hard to find sacred symbols that signify his unconditional love for all.


Take comfort as you proudly wear your Faith Pendant knowing that

they were ethically crafted by magnificent working mothers just like yours, who

are paid a living wage. We are honoured to support strong communities and

provide jobs in America!


Our patent-pending jewellery is faithfully forged from grade-A

surgical steel, crowned with a polished shatterproof liquid-glass coating, as

well as a refined, 18k gold finish option, as revered as the reserves of Ophir.


You can even include a personalised sentiment, engraving a

significant scripture, symbolic date, or any manner in which you want to

express your faith.


Get it today, a symbol of devotion to treasure and cherish for

generations to come, our faith pendants are the perfect way to share the love

with all your family and friends.


This immaculate symbol of love will be the centrepiece of your

finest Sunday Best.


Product Dimensions

Luxury Necklace: 18-22" (45-56cm) adjustable

Cross: 25mm

x 49mm x 3mm


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