Kiama Blowhole - South Coast NSW

Kiama Blowhole Southcoast NSWTHE MAN MADE HARBOUR AND THE BIRTH OF THE BLUE METAL INDUSTRY - KIAMA, SOUTH COAST NSWAuras Collection Designer Jewelry Circle Pendant rainbow fractal design uniqueKiama Harbour South Coast NSW Fishing off of Pier Beach in Distance One Town at a TimeA stones throw from Sydney, the picturesque seaside retreat of Kiama is one of the South Coast's favourite tourist destinations. 

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Kiama Blowhole Southcoast NSW

The Kiama Headland is composed of volcanic rock called latite. A volcanic extrusion, known as a dyke cuts through the latite. The dyke is composed of a softer rock called basalt.
Over millions of years the softer basalt has eroded faster that the latite creating a tunnel under the headland collapsed creating the Kiama Blow Hole.Kieran Wicks at Kiama Blowhole
As each wave surges through the tunnel air is compressed in the rear chamber building tremendous pressure. As waves subside, pressure in the chamber releases forcing the trapped water up the blowhole with a loud 'whoomp'.
Kiama BlowholeKieran Wicks at Kiama Blowhole
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Kiama Blowhole sign South Coast NSW
Kiama Blowhole Southcoast NSWKiama Point Blowhole looking north
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Kiama Blowhole Southcoast NSW information sign on how the blowhole was formed
Kiama Blowhole Southcoast NSW George Bass historical significance Blowhole information signKiama Blowhole Southcoast NSW  Dedication plaque


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A polymathic touring musician, film maker, historian and producer, for the past 8 years Kieran Wicks has navigated the Great Southern Land of Australia performing hundreds of shows to ravenous audiences, whilst simultaneously developing a vast catalogue of interviews, images and videos in the production of multiple formative docuseries including 'One Town at a Time', which records his musical journey, immersed in poignant, forgotten Australian history and poetry, in archives such as 'Gold Rush Stories' and 'Poetry of the Pioneers'.

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